These people exist -Part 9 (25 photos)

a weird ugly people exist 17 These people exist  Part 9 (25 photos)

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  • xclusive02


    • B

      Oh my god! I’ve seen that couple in the 4th picture. They shopped at the beauty supply store that I used to work at.

      • UserName

        You've solved this weeks Find Her! Yay!

  • Digitsis

    I feel better about myself – thanks 😛

  • sam

    Why the hell is that guy wearing a diaper?! XD

  • Bigfella

    No shit these people exist! One of them put a home computer in [almost] every home in the west and most of the east!!!!! Goes by the name of Bill Gates. Can you spot him?

  • kill all niggers

    these are some ugly ass niggers and wetbacks

    • Juan

      I agree with the answers above mine Rosacia ,,,I have it too .. but only on my nose and ploepe always asumed that I had a cold or something and would make jokes like call me rudolph and mean stuff like that I finally went to a doctor and he gave me some cream that took it away Its not as bad as before but I only use it sometimes My symptoms are always there I have a friend who has Rosacia and only gets symptoms when she eats chocolate or drinks sodas ~ Go to a doctor and find out

  • tommaay

    is that bill gates in the pic above the i ❤ linux guy?!?!?!

    • SKAtomic

      Tommay – you are right – the photo is actually an early bunch of the Microsoft people. Apparently, several of them left thinking it would never go anywhere and the nerdy kid in the bottom left corner – one Bill Gates, was left with the reins.

  • vuyiseka

    yho guyz those pple ar rly augly

  • evanligus

    No, it’s the young one on the bottom left of the picture on which you see lot’s of geeks with beards.

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