Owned -Part 3 (20 photos)

a pwn3d owned fail part4 11 Owned  Part 3 (20 photos)

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  • Anonymous


  • Justin Bieber

    That black baby was adopted by that white couple, losers.

    • Tony

      yea right

  • Anon

    Why are dudes that play hockey always getting into fights? Are they that sensitive? Are thier feelings that easily hurt?
    You see guys four, or five times thier size getting CREAMED in football, but they brush it off, because they're not pansies.

    • JROC

      your right…pansies

    • VanIsleChiver

      NFL is Homo-city!!

  • guitarz333

    the biggest guys in football get CREAMED and don't fight cause they can barely get their fat asses back off the ground to do anything. Meanwhile that guy probably had his face stitched up on the bench sans anesthesia…

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