Daily morning randomness 4.30.09 (25 photos)

a morning random funny pics5 24 Daily morning randomness 4.30.09 (25 photos)

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  • Digitsis

    Pretty random indeed – I am becoming a fan of the anteater though

  • Equalizer

    (Photocopier Girl): “This is how you test a new photocopier in the office….”

  • robin yates

    love the asian street sweeper pic

  • Anonymous

    Who’s the girl standing in front of the window under the weed light pic..

    • Mr Hollandia

      doutzen kroes
      she's dutch 😉

  • your dick

    OMG! Jesus dog!!! He’s back from the dead!!!

    (unrelated) That chick on the back of the motorcycle has a nice ass.

  • Jen

    i want that naked girls body. back to the gym!

  • NoPartyFollower

    I'd do crazy shit like cut a hole in the roof of my Lambo too if MTV paid for all of it, like they do for ALL the stuff on Jackass…….

    • Sooners Win

      Thats an NSX not a lambo. MUCH cheaper and slower

      • Bob Gowl

        It's a lambo, idiot.

  • crosseye

    I think your boobs just derped.

  • Elke

    Love this post. Just shows how important potohs are in our lives. Glad you had OCD and did multiple saves and even happen to hear the scratched up CD still works!

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