Next time someone calls you a slob, send them this (9 photos)

a trashed apartment hurricane 1 Next time someone calls you a slob, send them this (9 photos)

This is an actual apartment..found in Houston after the evacuation for the hurricane.
This is NOT hurricane damage…. (Thanks Kate!)

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  • Sidney

    I just threw up a little…

  • UberLiz

    Wow, this looks like the apartment of a guy I *almost* dated.

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  • Dude

    all I wanna know….was World of Warcraft involved?

  • Elle

    Welcome to National Geographic, the cyber addition. I am your host, David Attenborough.

    Ladies and gentlemen, what you are looking at is a troll nest. The ‘troll’ commonly found in internet forums and comment sections, breeds best in areas of extreme stupidity, such as youtube. The nest shown above is that of a ‘middle aged’ troll, you can clearly see his necessary sustenance scattered around the nest, the food necessary to keep his mouth muscles in working order, while the empty shells left to be used as tables, to save money for WoW expansion kits. You may also notice piles of cigarettes, commonly believed to create an atmosphere that the average troll can breath in.
    These fascinating creatures, unlike many other of our natural wildlife, seeming to be multiplying, an amazing feat considering there have been no recorded cases of Troll breeding, and due to the size of their cheese encrusted fingers and beer gut, even jerking off is difficult, and time consuming. We can only pray that they will die out before choking the internet’s more useful wildlife.

    I’ve been your host, and join us next time for a look into the life of Cam Whores.

  • Seth

    Whats with all the whataburger cups?

    • felix43

      whataburger is fucking delicious thats what, AND they give ketchup in the thing that most places have bar b que sauce or sweet and sour sauce in. Fuck ranch and sweet and sour sauce those dipping recepticles are made for ketchup and only whataburger knows it apparently

  • Anonymous

    The worst may be that it looks like they have decided to forego the toilet and just shit in a bucket where the toilet is

  • Natalie

    The question is…did they get their deposit back?

  • June

    I find it funny that the walls are much cleaner though, and the cigarettes are organized in a neat pile.

  • haysoos

    Are those the longest filters in cigarettedom, or are all those smokes butted out with only 3 puffs taken off each one?

  • Davey

    at least the cat box is clean

    • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    you should see the uk show called “how clean is your house”

  • Jeebus Suck Cock

    These pictures make me feel good about my room 🙂

  • nom

    Now I want some whataburger

  • pookie

    please tell me he shat in the bucket instead of fixing the toilet

  • dave

    I used to do residential service work and unfortunately I've been in places like this…disgusting, be glad the internet doesn't have smells. Oh, and Whataburger sucks.

  • Martin

    Just for fun, take a stab at the perp's age, gender, and race.

  • Disgusted

    I don't think this is what you'd call hording, if it's not that what would you call it other than fucking gross.
    @Martin, My guess, 30 someting white guy.

  • Sean

    I'm assuming the owner is either dead of
    1.) Hurricane
    2.) Lung Cancer
    3.) Heart Disease

  • Anonymous

    satan was

  • Anonymous

    Product placement, you dolt. Mcdonalds or KFC buckets wouls have shown more class!!!!?????!!!!!

  • Chris

    Haha! That was funny!!!

  • john w

    my place is far worse 1

  • tracy

    And you are proud of that fact? moron

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