I'm going to Austrailia just to laugh at their signs (16 Photos)

weird signs again1 I'm going to Austrailia just to laugh at their signs (16 Photos)

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  • anotheraussie

    i don’t see what’s so funny bout the fire danger signs.

  • akiwi

    Plus two of those signs are from new zealand…

  • Jaimie

    eh dumbass’s lol

  • josh

    really we dont care, anything in that bottom corner of the world is Australia… we’re ignorant so piss off. You’re all Aussies, you all sound like the crocodile hunter (RIP) so what new zeland can be be the north pole who cares its a U.S. website

  • Captain Pasty

    2 and 3 are from New Zealand. Number 2 may not have been obvious, with the Maori language on it and all. But number 3 has the word “kiwi” on it. And a diagram. Of a kiwi.

    The fire danger sign is awesome though – c’mon guys, get fire wise!

  • Anonymous

    haha yeah the signs are funny – even if there not all from Australia. The only sign i didn't find funny was the alcohol/pornography ban – massive problem within the indigenous population from Aus

  • Metalchick

    Aussie Aussie Aussie, Oi Oi Oi!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ve seen most of these signs, never thought they were unusual!!! Its a big fucken country….we need coffee to drive 8 hours to the nearest town…….

  • Cade

    How about everyone STFU and look at the damn post.

  • Wikipedia nut.

    Australia and New Zealand are the same country. New Zealand is just one of Australia's islands, like Hawaii belongs to the United States.

  • Jay

    Canada isn't part of America
    It is part of North America

  • RandomAndrew

    Another post-fail by John… *facepalm* one day someone will teach how how to use the webz.

  • ben dover

    most of these signs arnt funny, like the next stop 1000km.. that is how far it is between you and the next person when driving from pt august to perth… americans are so stupid……

  • expat

    good call Aussie, they call that NZ suburb Bondi! Yeah, the Kiwi and fire warning signs were from NZ and it’s also not normal to have signs in other languages in Aus, unless they’re in Japanese and on the Gold Coast

  • terry

    canada is part of the u.s. dumb#@$. its the top,buy a globe!

  • adamjs

    Terry – Canada is not part of the US – Canada and the USA are part of America! Buy a brain!

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