Insane body piercings. Skip this post, it's disturbing (20 photos)

a gross body piercings 11 Insane body piercings. Skip this post, it's disturbing (20 photos)

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  • Erin

    How can these people not know how completely ridiculous they look?

  • maribella

    i’m sure they are well aware.
    they just dgaf.
    and that is kinda badass.(:

  • ria

    how can these people eat?
    that’s my main concern (the ones with gauged lips)
    lol, i suppose you don’t wanna eat next them if you don’t wanna get grossed out. lol

  • Lauraline

    the photo of the guy with the large white lip plug…

  • 1

    This people are so desperate and stupid at the same time! Yuk they look like freaks out of the cirrus.

    • JFKilled

      The only desperation in the body modification community is a desperate need for people like you to shove your head up your ass so you stop talking out it and take a good look at yourself on the inside. I garuntee what you'll see is a whole lot more hideous than our mods.

  • Jane

    Yeah, I agree with you (1) . What makes some people think that this is nice or cool? They look ridiculous. It is like some of those people from African tribes or something.

  • Blaze

    First, let me say that it is the person own body. It is up to them to do what they feel is right for them. Different people like different things.Some smoke, some don’t. Some drink, some don’t. Some might like the “Insane body piercings” and some might not. Second, it is a person right to do whatever they want to do. That being said, I do think that these people have the right to choose, even if they DO LOOK STUPID OR RIDICULOUS. I don’t like it much more then any of you. I do think that some of them look like freaks and I myself wouldn’t have any of that mess, even if my life depended on it. But that’s me. People are entilted to do as they please.

  • ksenia


  • Alex.O_O

    You were right Chive that was indeed diturbing. I shouldv heeded your warning. But I didnt. Now im scarred for life. o_o

  • t-rad

    People can do whatever they want. That includes my right to say these people look like complete fucking idiots who need attention in any form. How about you express your desire to be “anti” by doing something like writing a book, organizing protests, or anything that might actually be anti rather than taking the easy way out and shoving crap through your face. its cool how all these non-conformists ascribe to the same look – RETARDED ATTENTION WHORE. its all the rage with those who don’t follow the rage.

    And hey Chelsea, how bought you take the time to talk to us and figure out why we think these people look retarded and really just need a hug from mommy and daddy? You offend me just the same. Na na na nanana.

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  • Booo

    IMHO when you do fucked up shit like that to yourself that obviously hinders your ability to support yourself, after all, Coffee Shops and Hot Topic only need so many people, you should have to forfeit ANY public assistance as long as you have that crap. No welfare, food stamps, unemployment, student loans, you fuck up your face on purpose, you support yourself entirely, enjoy being “ALT”.

    • Hhris Culme

      i'm employed and i got fuckin piercings and plugs and tattoos.????????..mmmmmmm fucking full of shit you know fuck alllllllllllllll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • bringer of death

    to all those who bag on the piercing community first and for most go fuck yourself with your parents trust fund you faggity bitches im tired of people talking about things they dont understand we do this as a form of expression of who we are as people we are all smart for the most part and probably could do any of the good jobs as you claim them to be which are really just for people who dont want to deal with reality a whole lot better then you could do we just chose not to go that route with our life and saying we dont deserve help with everyday shit when most of you are probably sucking the economy just as dry as any of us you dirty bastards i hope you fucking all choke on a cock and learn what the fuck you rtalking about

    • Maynard B

      Well "bringer of death", maybe you could put that name on the top of your resume. Any HR person in their right mind would be scared shitless if you went to interview with them. Someday when you grow up you'll realize that no one is going to hire you and your fucked up face. You keep expressing your self all you like when you're on skid row.

  • Marcocen

    How the fuck can the girl from pic #10 be so hot with all that shit in her face??

  • princess

    This is just grotesque. People mess up their bodies in the dumbest ways, for the dumbest reasons.

  • BWR

    Gonna look really good in about 20 years…

  • Da Sandman


  • Hhris Culme

    hooollyyyy fucking shit wtf fuck i got my fucking throat tattooed plugs in my lobes and the snakebite piercings(thats one on each side of my bottom lip for you ignorant MF'S.i've got a job in customer service i'm failing to see why it is a problem to all of the straight up fucking parent's toy kids.why don't you shy the fuck off websites to do with piercings then.look at mf dolls houses or something jeeees ffs!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    We understand they were not so good looking, but they insisted on being ugly.

  • Ame

    Furthermore we didnt do for you so nobody honestly cares what you think. Its obvious that you have a narrow mind. Its ok you can have “normal” and mundane……

  • Emily

    I have my neck implainted, my septum pierced and nose, stretched ears, belly button, 6 holes in upper ears, and a full sleeve tat with much more under my clothes. I worked as an emt for 3 years and am now an RN. With all my piercings still open. So weither u look like a “freak” or a “Barbie” if you have the brains you can go anywhere u want. So get to know people before you judge because I’m gonna be that “freak” saving your life one day and you’ll be thanking me and my sick ass pierced up body.

  • body piercing

    wow I get some crazy requests, but nothing like this! I do like the idea of never losing my cell phone! 🙂

  • michaelnalsim

    long time no see matt sorry iv took so long i think this is there contact
    and details, they have a wealth of knowledge ,tell them m nalsim give you there number

  • Chelsea

    People don’t do it to look “cool” or “nice”. Maybe instead of judging these people you should stop and talk to them. You’re obviously concerned enough with them to insult them so why not take the time to quit being stuck up and just talk to them? Questions are ok. What makes it ok for you to talk about people like that? How would you feel if we stopped, stared at you and talked about you because you’re fat, stupid, have different colored skin, etc. To us YOU are the ridiculous ones. At least we have the common decency. And what is the point of mentioning the african tribes? Are you saying they’re disgusting too?

    You know, just because you don’t understand something doesn’t mean that it’s wrong.

    Your ignorance offends me.

  • Shea

    rude fucking bitch

  • JM

    No, actually it’s just their way of announcing to the world “I never want to make more than minimum wage at a shit job! If posible I would like to be TOTALLY unemployable!” or “I wanted a REAL reason to laugh about how fucking STUPID I was when I was young when I drink with my 40 yr old buddies and have to keep pulling my saggy lips and ears out of my drink”

  • JM

    “LOOK AT ME PLEASE I NEED ATTENTION!!!! Then I will ask you “WTF are you looking at?!?!” for staring at my fucking retarded bullshit which is what I wanted in the first place. I am DIFFERENT and UNIQUE…just like every other freak that does the exact same shit!”

  • Slice

    Bringer of death,
    You did not use one period in your entire post. Thus, you proved to the rest of us that you are a dumbass. WAIT….a dumbass with a bunch of metal in his face. I understand you want to be different but you have to understand that to society, you look like an idiot. Now go kill yourself!!

  • Ame

    Hi there a.hole im part of this tattoed and pierced community… Guess what i have a great job and make awesome money. Its called self expression. Your an idiot

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