Man or woman? (12 photos)

a man woman russian bodybuilder 5 Man or woman? (12 photos)

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  • marty

    all men.

    • George Danger Cruz

      only 1 person. and im calling it a Man with a vagina.

  • eeds

    anyone else find it ironic that she bothers covering her boobs

    • Matt


  • jack ortiz

    she is hot . I would love to feel her strength . @ strong bodies together makes for beautiful powerful sex . Muscle on anybody is beautiful and I admire her. She would fuck the shiot out of you and I would love to do her

    • George Danger Cruz

      you know who else would fuck you the same way she would?…. a MAN. you gay gay child you.

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  • Hammie


    For whatever gender THAT is.

    Reminds me of this one chick at school.


  • Anonymous

    that is photoshoped right? that is so a dudes face.

  • V

    I refuse to believe there is any vagina in there.

  • g

    thats a huge bitch

  • top dog

    I give up!, what is it?

  • BonezOz

    As steroids shrinks men’s reproductive organs it looks like they shrink boobs as well

  • asdfasd

    It’s…. just… so… wrong…

  • Anonymous

    I came

  • dave

    #10 reminds me of woody harrelson in anger management lmfao.

  • KD

    I wouldn’t fuck any of them, even with your dick!!! Can’t believe these heshe’s think they look good!? Discustingly Gross!!!!

  • Gabry Lem

    u don;t wanna try to rape that chick///

  • Dozer

    You think anybody thinks I'm a failure because I go home to Starla at night? (Napoleon Dynamite)

  • Bossman123

    As Ole Greg says "I have a MAN-GINA"

  • Greywolf

    She's a woman … but she needs to get of the roids

  • Artanis

    Man, Willem Defoe has really been working out.

  • T.J.

    It is a woman that has obviously started to take steroids and hormones. In the second pic she is natural but most heavy weight women need to take the roids and hormones for the mass and then you start to see the changes.

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