World’s best motivational posters -Part 8 (30 photos)

a motivational funny posters 3 10 World’s best motivational posters  Part 8 (30 photos)

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  • robin yates

    HAHAHAHAAHHAAHAHAHAHHAHHAA,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, loved the camel toe

    • Holly Strip

      you like camel toes(: ha

  • hannah

    love the first picture 😀

  • Equalizer

    1st pics is HOT!!!

  • robert ball

    What Falcon? What paint job?

    • djwolf15

      ikr i did not even see the falcon at first i was like dam shes hot

  • Louise

    LOL, my god, why do i laugh the hardest at the sexist ones?? I just hate my fellow women.

    • Ashaley

      omg, I do the same thing! I think its hilarious now that if some man tried to pull that crap he would be sued for all he was worth. yay for the 50s being behind us… then again, isn’t history supposed to repeat itself??

      • DeptyDawg

        Good point. Now make me a sammich.

  • melillzz

    Oj hahahaha you crack me up!!!

  • Thomas Givans

    #13 great! they all made me lol though.

  • Kodos


  • Motis

    #3 need one of those Shotguns, #22 what a camel toe on that woman!! She's got a MONSTER!

  • anonymous

    that suicide post shouldn't be there guys, that can cause some people with serious issues who don't know that there's other ways to life. Please Chive, if it wouldn't be much to ask, remove it.

    • not a troll


    • Another smily face

      you know, if it is such a problem, you could always commit suicide and not worry about it.

    • Dustin

      If a person was going to kill themselves or has serious issues, this post probably isn't on the top of their list of issues.

  • Gonzalo Agramonte

    Can you concept me with any pointers concerning how you made it web page glance it good , I’d value it!

  • Zeea

    sick oooz i luvd the wall bra ❤

  • TDP

    Who is #1

  • manny

    Since when is being the president of France good thing?

    • manny

      edit "a"

    • Dustin

      Since they started trying to better the world instead of trying to rule it…like some countries.

  • babble

    There are many hot red head women you racist basterd

    • Ste_M26

      how is it racist redhead isn't a race

  • mazurati

    Drink milk.. OJ kills.

  • Barrick Obummer

    For the MOST HILARIOUS and ALL-TIME BEST, Only Top Quality, Intelligent, No B/S, demotivational posters ever seen A N Y W H E R E on the internet, go to… – see for yourself – you won't regret it.

  • Dustin

    YAY I'm on the Chive…. #9

    I shat brix… tru story, Jimmy johns bread we used to stuff chips and mayo inside. yummy college carbs bomb

  • majorfathead

    Some lulz esp WHARRGARBL

  • Andrew

    Hahaha cool photo 🙂 Better than: ?

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