Look at this f@*#king hipster. Part 2 (20 photos)

a idiot hipster 1 Look at this f@*#king hipster. Part 2 (20 photos)

For more in depth knowledge on the ‘Hipster’ phenomenon check this site out. If you are a self-proclaimed hipster, go take a shower.

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  • anonymous

    6th one downs a punk. thats fairly obvious.

  • SreyaNotfilc

    A teeshirt and blue jeans will never ever go out of style 🙂

  • xclusive02

    t shirt and jeans is good, but skinny jeans? how do your nots fit in there?

  • Anonymous

    how can you call a punk kid a hipster. he has a 7seconds shirt on. not even close to hipster music…

  • megan

    looks like all these pictures were taken in portland haha
    effing hipsters here are insane!

  • BK

    Some are cool, some very not so cool!

  • Nas

    I find it that offensive you’d post mr.yasser arafat after he has passed and attempting to make a mockry of him

  • KleptoSkeptic

    If I don't waste my time with these people in the real world why would I care on the internet? No offense chive but you can do better.

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