WTF!? Part 7 (18 Photos)

wtf photo band WTF!? Part 7 (18 Photos)

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  • Poorkordino

    Способности приходится развивать, потребности растут сами.

  • cemakneen

    Хороший математик каждый день извлекает свой корень из неизвестной…

  • LOL

    And WTF is that language Poorkordino & cemakneen are responding in?!?

  • corporaterat

    that will be doesn’t make a lot of sense thou, just google translated it.!!

  • robin yates

    we all need some WTF now and then

  • Ty

    This dad burn’d stuff is just wacky pa

  • MAC64

    A cat on a Arp Odyssey Mk I in space. WHY WTF?! This happens all the time.

  • Sean

    AHAHAHA! #7 and #10
    So funny

  • The DEA

    #17 El Chupa Cabra

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