World's best motivational posters Part 9 (17 Photos)

funny gas prices World's best motivational posters Part 9 (17 Photos)

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  • SreyaNotfilc

    Actually, the gas price was the first thing I looked at on the first photo 🙂

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  • Rawrbies

    I wish I never saw that egale pic 😦

    • adamdachamp

      eagles suck.

      • alwaysthatguy

        m… 'merica 😥

  • doctorwhorules

    That Nazi kitten is playing with a grenade. "Ve vill pull das pin und run avay!"

  • wingman

    find out who the "cropping" girl is. I like em big and she's hot!

    • ChestersMule

      Big girls are better. I'm tired of seeing women without any curves or shape. Women are not attractive when they are built like 10 yr old boys.

      • Vnice

        Shit yeah…that girl is EXACTLY my type. I was like, "um…thats the hottest girl I've seen on the Chive since their last "big girl" posting.

        • Anonymous

          To each his own I guess. I don't really agree with overweight people. Not all of them, just the ones who complain about being fat and lonely but don't do anything about it.

          • doug


  • Andy

    I'm with wingman… the chubby girl is all sorts of hot!

    • tee

      thats funny. real funny…

      • Neso

        Posted on I like your writing style truly lviong this website. My best friend is the one who brings out the best in me. by Henry Ford.

  • Ðixyslea

    [img ][/img]
    this is from a quite funny series of drawings called "Gone With The Blastwave" if anyone is interested

    • bob

      I wish I had never seen your spelling of eagle

      This was actually for another comment but now its all Im going to use whatever the quote

      And yeah gone with the blastwave is great, love the one where he takes out the pilot

  • Tron

    Hey lay off the chick near the end, she's fairly pretty.

  • d-dub

    you can tell by her fat fingers that she's a hefty one.

  • linoge

    these nazis are estonians

  • Josh

    Girls that feel and act pretty, are pretty, regardless of their measurements.

  • Anonymous

    I blame your mom.

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