World's funniest mug shots Part II (28 Photos)

mug shot crazy World's funniest mug shots Part II (28 Photos)

So much more where these came from at Funny Mug Shots, Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office, and here.

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  • carlos mv

    really fun

  • junephilippines

    the two guys with eye patch and the other who has devil hair (with goatee) are handsome!

  • xclusive02

    these are sweet.

  • Maria

    looks like the people in my neighborhood.

  • MackiezMom

    Yikes!!!!!!! It is sad that some of the pix were posted. Several of the people look like they belong on the psych ward, rather than in jail. Very sad.

  • Lucy

    Pretty girls smiling and people with mental/physical defects. That’s just so funny.

  • LAME

    There are MAYBE 2 or 3 funny pictures up there. This is stupid. I want this guys job.

  • von der Recht

    I didn’t see anything funny…..from beginning to end. I said to my wife, “well, it takes all kinds of people”. She said, “No….we just have all kinds”.

  • LRAdams

    These are rare pictures. Most people do not get to see the entire Atlanta City Council at one time. Thanks for your fine gift.

  • #977645

    Wow. These people are so inspirational. I can only hope that one day in the distant future I will be the subject of such beautiful photography- the manner in which they take the photos is simply extravagant. Breath taking really.

  • brandon21

    hahahahahhah!! what were some of these dumbasses thinking!!:DD

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  • TheKnothead

    I didn't see anything funny in this post; I saw sad, stupid, idiotic, but not stupid.

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