Chicks + Cameras + Mirrors = Shortness of Breath -Part 2(16 photos)

a chicks cameras mirrors2 14 Chicks + Cameras + Mirrors = Shortness of Breath  Part 2(16 photos)

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  • Dude

    Last chick on the left is GOD

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  • King Gibbon

    Slags! 😀

  • lol

    interested!, interested!!, interested!!!, not interested.

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  • petrino

    i wish i was a mirror…

  • omnomnomnom


  • emma

    they are sluts !
    period .

    • ROR

      ah, the dark envy of the blubbery

      • Fistfullofh8&change

        you can literally smell the fat oozing out of her.

        • gemma

          you ass hole. shuddup.

    • emmy

      your just jelous

  • Level 5

    And every last one of these bitches.. apparently too stupid to use the TIMER built into 99% of digital cameras EVER.

  • Pucca

    They all look anorexic… this is fucking gross.

    • BOOBS

      Shut up, fatty.

      • gemma

        fuck you.

  • Anonymous

    5th pic from the bottom, is that girl in the black shirt Marissa Miller?

  • manny


  • Mel


  • duder

    Chick in the Guns N Roses shirt has good taste. Not just in music either, that’s a Canon G9 she’s using. *drool*

    • Anonymous

      All those girls on the screen and you notice the camera?

  • redhatsociety

    is that marissa miller?

  • Roger Arturo

    Te queria decir que tu post me parece conveniente agradable, felicidades, ademas estoy leyendo por aqui por suerte del destino, tuve un poco de suerte porque estoy buscando articulos como los tuyos y al fin lo logre encontrar, estoy pensando en tener lugar mas seguido por tu blog. Saludos desde Chile

  • Splinter

    I would fuck them hard

  • Da Sandman



    Chicks cameras mirrors shortness of breath part 216 photos.. Outstanding 🙂

  • Jacob

    Some of these girls have really nice cameras.

  • danny

    #14 wow, love at first sight!!!!!

  • Johnny

    I went to school with the girl in 8,11,13….lol

  • chris

    #11 WOW i only have 2 wishes left haha

  • IronBound19

    Super Booty and an Angel face.

  • bill

    wow out standing,major woodie here.boing,splatttt.

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