Crazy dancing chick gets shopped (20 photos)

a crazy dancing chick 0 Crazy dancing chick gets shopped (20 photos)

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  • aman

    oh my god…i lol’ed

  • Matt

    That was brilliant!! I lol’ed too

  • mike

    ha ha ha that was great

  • natalie

    someone had some free time on their hands- these are great!

  • DavidT

    Wow….those were good. lol.

  • kate

    that is from “moshzilla” … her parents had a HUGE lawsuit and all of these pictures were removed from the website and the website was shut down several years ago.

  • junephilippines

    hahaha… the turned track… i like it

  • 38

    The last one was the best XD

  • mal

    ha ha that was funny !! 🙂 i like the ski one lol

  • Slump69

    lol =D

  • bniz


  • BigLeagueChew

    Ha, nice gallery. I hate this fat bitch. NIce gunt!

  • Anonymous

    damn its hilarious

  • Anonymous

    muwahahah, my boss just came in to ask me what the hell was so funny, I told him it was the latest TPS report.


    i could not stop laughing. masterpieces. :DDD

  • Beth


  • a fan

    Every single one a classic!

  • douchebuster

    that was funny as fuck!

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