Reasons 26-50 not to do drugs, kids. (25 photos)

a dont do drugs wack 15 Reasons 26 50 not to do drugs, kids. (25 photos)

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  • Anonymous

    Best Post Ever

  • Anonymous

    how the hell did the fat kid get a girl like that

  • LOL

    “how the hell did the fat kid get a girl like that”

    She’s on drugs…;)

  • maribella

    i’d like to think she digs his personality. :/

  • Anonymous

    either that or the kids a big time coke dealer

  • cherish

    ok that black kid is not wearing a nazi symbol. maybe the person who posted the picture should have stayed in school. it has nothing to do with nazis. it actually stands for peace and has been around for 5000 years and it still used it many cultures today.

  • Sam

    hahahaha Dan Deacon and Bradford Cox.

  • passerby

    Okay, that photo of the clown head was thrown in just to scare the shit out of anyone looking at this page and currently on something, right?

  • Anonymous

    Love the 2nd pic

  • BigfnMike

    Pic 6… The man, the myth, the legend. You should check out the documentary. Rich and compelling…

  • Anaition

    #3 kinda looks like my kitchen…

  • One Sick Puppy

    Hmmm…..I guess they didn’t teach about capitalization and sentence structure where you went to school?

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