Freaky Body Worlds exibit (15 photos)

a body worlds education 3 Freaky Body Worlds exibit (15 photos)

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  • Gill Avila

    This is an abomination–it's like something you'd find in a museum in a Nazi Germany that won WWII.

    • DrROBOTO

      I never knew there were so many chinese in germany

  • I Get It

    This is actually a very valuable tool to learn. All of the people donated their bodies to the plastination process. I saw the exhibit in Baltimore and it was fascinating. It’s not like someone stole these bodies and did this to them.

  • Andriy

    … but somehow this exibition had to start 🙂 (to Get It says: May 16, 2009 at 5:11 pm)

  • Isabella

    I went to this exhibit in montreal and it was freaking but very interesting.. How the human body works. What we look like inside. Fascinating.

  • Novy

    I went to this in Atlanta. It wasn’t quite as good though. When I asked how they got their bodies, they told me some were donated. However, she said most were unclaimed bodies from China where the laws are different. That was really sad since some poor old person probably died alone and now has his/her naughty bits in display for the whole world to see. They even had fetuses which was a little sick to look at.

  • Anonymous

    I have been to the one in vegas…its really interesting and creepy. Those all used to be real people. The saddest part was when you saw all the dead babies 😦

  • runningamok

    i saw the one in denver…pretty sweet i must admit.a little creepy though for sure.and at the denver exhibit they had the fetuses behind a black curtain so you only saw them if you wanted to which was nice.(the curtain part haha)

  • Anonymous

    this is terible in a way…

  • Brandon

    Fuckin’ zombie pirates always up to no good!

  • Dan

    How is this more educational than, say, a drawing? What are you learning by looking at this? None of the bodies’ systems are actually functioning, meaning the bodies may as well be laying down in a morgue. Someone skinned them and molded their flesh like clay. I’m a fan of gore, so I could appreciate it if it were presented as sick entertainment. Instead the dude who came up with the idea had to present it as educational just so he could show it in Amsterdam. AMSTERDAM, of all places, banned Body Worlds until he reframed it as a scientific display.

  • zen

    the truth of the human body is.. there is nothing attractive in it. once covered by the skin, it creates a beutiful, gorgeous, illusion in everyones head. so as fools, we fall in love with it.

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