• GBallew

    I had a roommate who was EXACTLY like this guy. Trying to tell me what to do in a fight even though I wrestled for 7 years, but unlike this guy my roommate had no idea what he was talking about. And always with the “Bang” “Bong” “Pow” like he’s narrating a bad batman show or something…ugh

  • Many Axe

    But for someone with no fighting experience, if you learn and remember a few of those techniques, it could save your life (or at least, your social life…) Great to practice with a friend or two.

  • Pete

    He’s a former UFC champ, so he knows what he is talking about. Bas is awesome! Those Batman noises cracked me up.

  • Chowden

    What’s up with the guy with the broken arm? He keeping it that way for attention?

  • Like a Bas

    I didn't watch this vid, but I've seen some of his dvd's. Did he talk about hiding the pepper bottle once you ko the guy? lol Bas is nuts! He's awesome!

    Dang de de dang dang!

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