Surprising laundry list of celebs turn 40 this year (35 photos)

a big 40 leadin Surprising laundry list of celebs turn 40 this year (35 photos)

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  • Daniel

    Do you guys need a fact checker? I’ll work cheap.


    Ellen Pompeo (b. Nov. 10, not Nov. 11)
    Marc Anthony (b. Sept. 16, 1968, not 1969)
    Tanya Harding (b. Nov. 12, 1970, not 1969)
    nice spelling of “Marylin” Manson
    Mariah Carey (b. Mar. 27, 1970, not 1969)


    Michael Schumacher (b. Jan. 3)
    Roy Jones, Jr. (b. Jan. 16)
    Paget Brewster (b. Mar. 10)
    Steffi Graf (b. Jun. 14)
    Josh Holloway (b. Jul. 20)
    Rachel Hunter (b. Sep. 9)
    Trey Parker (b. Oct. 19)
    Gerard Butler (b. Nov. 13)
    Kristy Swanson (b. Dec. 19)

    ..and tons of others, mostly athletes.

    Do you guys even look at this stuff before you publish it?

  • robin yates

    we all make mistakes apart from Daniel,,,,,,,,,,,,it was his parents who made the mistake

  • Milly

    paul rudd is such a babe.

  • its_forge

    LOL to death Catherine Zeta-Jones is probably fifty.

  • Leo

    @Daniel: You are a super-nerd. Now go away. Shooo fly.

  • samstone

    go hang urself dude(daniel)

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