Most f*#ked up beauty pageants ever (10 Photos)

beauty pageant lead Most f*#ked up beauty pageants ever (10 Photos)

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  • Anonymous

    yet most more wonderful still are expected

  • MentalFloss

    Miss Senior Sweetheart is cute, so long as they dress for their age.

    Miss Exotic World…..Is it just me, or are the hips and legs the only things on that creature that truly verify that it’s a “Miss”, and not a “Mister”?

    As for Mister Beautiful Bottom – I’m a woman, so…I can dig it. XD

  • robin yates

    the Miss Landmine serves as a terrible reminder to us all when the west manufactures this stuff,,,,,,,, it is sent to other parts of the planet

  • Dank Afro Nugs Grape

    You can see Miss Exotic’s nipple.

    • George Danger Cruz

      thats cuz its really a guy.

  • xclusive02

    This is just straight up weird. I wouldn’t go to any of these.

  • robin yates

    beauty is in the eye of the beholder,,,, none of us is perfect so be more thoughtful of others

  • Equalizer

    Miss Russian Armies are HOT

  • Brandon

    Hilarious that Miss Jumbo Queen appears to be a Samoan contest

  • George Danger Cruz

    the only one i found funny, and im not laughing at them im laughing of the concept of whoever the fuck proposed that idea to a group of people, was miss Landmine.

  • roggi wilkov

    that last one is deffinetly not f*#ked up… she wood much rather be f*#ked by me

  • im202235

    Why is Miss Navajo Nation on this list?
    I'm Navajo and visit my family every year on the Rez, my grandpa is a sheep herder and mutton is a traditional food dish. All she is doing is keeping Navajo tradition and culture alive.

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