Rappers and their retarded bling (20 photos)

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a rappers bling jewelry retarded 1 Rappers and their retarded bling (20 photos)

When I grow up, I wanna be just like you..homeless by the age of 29. I can’t wait till one of these clowns gets a diamond encrusted medallion that says, “401K”.

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  • WizardofCOR

    Agreed, gagaga.

    What I (and apparently others like Mack, above) find not-so-humorously ironic is that whenever there’s a post that features anything “black” in it, there’s always someone who starts pulling the “racist” card.
    That’s really getting old and tired… Perhaps it might be more fruitful to try seeing a different angle on things?
    The fact that wearing goofy-looking, gaudy “bling” makes a person look silly – that’s the punchline here. And like most, I too find it humorous. In a similar fashion, I consider it hilarious to see people fail at wearing their pants. LOL

  • Anonymous

    Remember what Chamillionaire said?

    “We More than grills and candy paint so be careful what you say cause we might just throw it right back in your face!”

    They just fly,Those blings are real diamonds and gold and they are not retarded,
    Thats their style and their way of expressing their wealth!,
    They dont give a shit if you call them retarded cause they be earning millions while ya’ll racists just sit there and call their bling retarded.

  • Alp

    fuck you too eminem, fuck you too

  • Tink

    All that "bling" is weak. If they REALLY want to show how fucking awesome they are, they would get a life size replica of themselves cast in gold and diamonds and hang that shit around their neck. The bigger the better yo!

  • Marc

    Im surprised Flava Flav didnt make it in there with his clock bling!!!

  • basic

    Mr. T did it first bigger and better. Everyone else is trying to catch up.

  • http://fizzimonies.com frank

    I love you site and all those. Bling bling rappers

  • Narshi

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    • Why here.


  • Shaolin Killa

    The Bishop's not a goddamn rapper, you moron.

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