They call her the 'Female Terminator' (14 Photos)

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female terminator lead They call her the 'Female Terminator' (14 Photos)

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  • Link Loving - June 3, 2009 | Onelargeprawn

    […] The call her the female terminator. […]

  • Anonymous

    creepy but hot

    • Anonymous

      creepy, but creepy

  • robin yates

    why does a woman want to look like a man ?

    • Masschine

      Why does Bill from Tokio Hotel look like a girl?

  • Anon

    This is what you do with your days? Parade strangers photos as a freak show? Makes you feel better about yourself and your insecurities, does it?

  • DA MAN


  • Chelsie

    This made me want to throw up. Yuck!!

  • jack ortiz

    I think Michelle iis so beautiful ,sexy ,shapely and just gorgeous. I love her physique and i she is just sexy and so beautiful

    • Flicka

      Usually I really like the fit girls, and I even like some butch chicks, but that's a bit much. But hey, obviously she worked really hard at this so good on her for reaching her goals, it's just not for me.

  • Don

    Bet she has a clit the size of a Bratwurst.

  • Random guy

    her forearm looks like a dick.

  • El Ingeniero

    ‘roids + bitch tits + long hair = nothing new to see here.

  • TheBigOzbowski

    I’m not gonna think that’s a female unless I see a baby come outta there…

  • hunt

    iggy pop

  • whodoube

    hasta la vista…

  • Joe

    I'd do him, I mean her, I mean it, whatever, KY Jelly will get me into some orifice.

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