So you're… flexible (20 Photos)

flixable girl lead So you're... flexible (20 Photos)

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  • Phyritup

    I would def suck my own if I could

    • Tim

      Yeahbut you'd still have a D!CK in your mouth…

    • BVJH

      questions is would u spit or swallow your own load

      • Keith Robicheux

        Nobody like a spitter. And it couldn't be gay because it's you. Otherwise it would be gay when you jerk it too. At least I hope that's the way it is, or I might need to seriously think about my life.

  • aaron

    i think that makes you gay

    • Greased Weasel

      Only if it's someone elses. It's ok if it's yours.

  • CanadianBrit

    Being flexible is one thing, but I wonder if these ladies are taking a thought one step too far! The thought being:- could I perform felatio on myself? Or I wonder what it would be like to perform felatio on myself?

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  • robin yates

    if a girl can lick herself,,,,,,,,,,,why not ?,,,,,,,some guys can suck themselves off so why not females ?

  • dingo32

    that has got to mess up their squishy human earth organs

  • eedgan

    Am I counting wrong? Or does the gymnast in pic 17 have 6 toes?

    • obama

      your counting wrong

    • Chom

      you are counting wrong.

      • Brodo

        Excuse me, you are hot. Have you submitted your photos for the Chive?

      • deez

        Yeah I second that, you should get your chivette on

    • Gern Blansten

      It's the heel at a funny angle.

  • Joe K

    Strangely aroused….

  • Anonymous

    At least you’d never go out with a dirty asshole.

  • top dog

    I love flexible women, OOOOOOhhh!!!! the positions they can get into. I get aroused just thinking about it.

  • evilm0nkey

    dammmmmmmmm flexible women

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  • jkmcdermott

    The pussibilities are endless.


    they are obviously spineless – yet so brave.

  • Ski81

    wow love the one washing the car , i bet the leopard print lady gets lot s of tips

  • Jared

    You are count wrong, just had a look and was like "oh shit your right." however I looked for a few more seconds and what looks like her 2nd big toe is her heel.

  • Mero

    All worthy marriage material

  • EJK

    Make for some interesting masturbation possibilities I suppose but how the hell does that even happen? Don't they have bones and shit?

  • fore skin

    i want one …. imagine how deep you could get in there

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  • Euell

    Ahh, Zlata. My favorite contortionist.

  • BoJangles

    We need numbers on the pics so we can comment on which ones we would take to our cellar

  • canadiancartel

    HA I actually saw #1 preform, she is an ozzy, and pretty funny too. She called me out for checking out her ass. Whoops.

  • Setieyani

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