World's greatest motivational posters Part 10 (15 Photos)

ninja motivated lead World's greatest motivational posters Part 10 (15 Photos)

For tons more, check out the greatest demotivational site on earth, Motivated Photos

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  • Anonymous

    what the hell am i looking for in the “when you see it” picture?!!?

    • john

      look between her legs O_o

    • Russel

      she has a penis

  • Anonymous

    Ohhhhhh! Poop.

  • Buterder

    Круто, спасибо! 😉

  • LOL

    Anonymous, I don’t think it’s Poop…I think the girl in the center has a dick hanging out between her legs. It might be a foot from a girl standing behind her, but it might be a dick too…just to screw with ya’ll’s minds that are wanting to screw her. 😀 Next time you’ll wonder…hmmmmmmmmm

  • Anonymous

    It’s a foot. Obviously. Also “your doing it right” should be “you’re doing it right”… Anyone? Did anyone here pass the 4th grade? “Be lucky it’s on a leash”? That doesn’t even make sense…. “Be THANKFUL” perhaps? Sorry, but there’s no excuse for being a dumbass. Good lord.

    • jkbsjkc

      shut up faggot

  • LOL

    “Did anyone here pass the 4th grade?”

    Jeeze…take a Midol, go get in the shower with your favorite waterproof appliance, and chill out. 🙂 You’re supposed to LOL at some of them…not over-think things. 😉

  • Anon

    Wichita State University has the Shocker too.

  • Matt

    what’s “the Shocker”? I’m from Australia and have no friggen clue what it is.

  • Clay

    University of Houston also has the “shocker”.

  • Anonymous

    shocker = two in the pink, one in the stink

  • robin yates

    there seems to be a certain type of person who looks at these pics and is without any sense of humour,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,sad or what ?

  • mirou

    did someone find the ninjas?

    • Jaime

      no…. my head hurts from looking at my laptop so hard 😐

    • gmoney

      Isn't that a type of furniture?

  • StrKan

    Am I being dumb right now, but what does Atheism have to do with eating babies?!? Did you mean cannibalism?

    • Den Fremmede

      Ah no, that's pedocannibalism you're talking about mate.

  • metaphysical

    It's a well known fact that Atheists eat babies, it's because they are so tasty

  • Anonymous

    Meh…an obvious foot from a mile away…

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