World's greatest photobombers Part 11 (25 Photos)

photo makeout lead World's greatest photobombers Part 11 (25 Photos)

Thanks to all the Chivers who sent in photos. Keep ’em coming into
Chive On!
-Leo and John

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  • Redline748

    lol the humping dogs

  • sss

    inspiring almost..

  • Big Pappa Rob

    the bikkini chick on the fishing jeddy looks like a skinny Kelly Clarkson
    and the dude giving the shocker looks like the Chili Pepper’s drummer Chad Smith.

  • liyoby


  • wtf?


  • Merlin

    The so-called feminists in the seventies should have kept their rotten comments about men to themselves while they had the chance, they certainly didn't need to be instigators and start trouble by conning the Richard Nixon and the U.S. government into passing a lie for a "law" that does not edify but instead is self-destructive. The womens movement should apologize for contributing to being part of the problem in our country today. The love of money is the root of the problem of our laws, because money is more important to politicians than our opinions about sizing up a situation first, make us feel like mistaking words like beautiful bosom and cleavage for so-called sexual irritation, this is blind logic at it's best.

  • Nigel

    They should have had the common courtesy to show on this mechanism who won that match between Dusty Rhodes and Eddie Graham and their opponents the Spoilers. Which means that we the people got cheated because they didn't even show it on Worlds Worst Phonies on Demand, oops I mean Worldly Wrestling Federation on Demand.

  • Maria

    As a woman I wish we wore dresses and skirts more. I also wish I was sorry for distrusting mens compliments about my large comely bosom and cleavage, and jumping to conclusions judging them just because I don't know them, so I have an excuse to find fault if someone compliments even my ass, which is disgusting my behaviour disrespecting men who are only trying to be nice, but I have to live in self-deception as do self-deceived "feminists" do, who are part of the problem, not part of the solution.

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