The Miss Ladyboy Pageant. It's exactly what you think it is (32 Photos)

ladyboy lead photo The Miss Ladyboy Pageant. It's exactly what you think it is (32 Photos)

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  • LOL

    And the swimsuit pictures would be where?? LOL 😀

    I'm glad they're happy at least…;)

    • Peter Bergman

      And I'll bet their mothers are very proud.

  • Anonymous

    mmmmmmkay. Gross….

  • what The F__K is THIS

    they have pussy or a dick ?? they can marry or not ?

  • SreyaNotfilc

    In the words of Al Bundy (when he saw Marcy naked) … “I’m blind, I’m blind!”

  • Logan

    I’m really disappointed by replies and the tags on these images. Transgendered people are not be defined by “creepy” or “funny,” and frankly, what I’m seeing here is bigotry.

  • Guru

    Thats so stupid! its not a transgender beauty contest. Its some asian fashion peagent.
    Do even one of those pretty girls look transgender????

    And since when did asian nations become so accepting of transgender individuals

    • Anonymous

      @Guru I can easily tell that numbers 18, 72, 73 & 88 are boys. You have to look for things like the shape of the jaw & subtle features that are telltale signs of a persons genetic gender.

      @ballers Yes they are boys, but that does NOT make you gay. You won’t “turn” gay by finding a transgendered person attractive, because they are portraying something that you are attracted to. If you’re attracted to them simply by their physical appearance, you’re straight. However, if you get any kind of excitement out of knowing that they’re guys even though they look like girls, you may be gay/bi or somewhere in between

    • blue

      they are ladyboys.. a male lol.. yes thailand is popular in terms of that too.. also philippines has many ladyboys.. hehe gross but they exist..

    • mutinykitty

      Are you stuipd? Look at the bottom right corner of EVERY picture! "The Legend of Transgender Thailand." Also, they all have adam's apples. They are ALL male in these pictures!

  • SyasiSURVIVE

    @Guru : and you just knew just now? Thailand is also famous for the ladyboys. duh

  • ballers

    I really can't tell the difference, if someone told me these were all women I would believe them… are they really women or men?! am i gay!? 😦

    • Peter Bergman

      No, you're just happy–not gay.

  • Overdose

    Transgendered people are just like you and me; they’re not some flesh eating purple alien who ride on unicorns. They’re human. Nothing is gross or freaky about someone who wants to change themselves. If you show me a picture of someone who wants genitals implanted on their arms then THAT would be gross and freaky.

    @Guru: Thailand is probably the most accepting country in the world when it comes to matters like this. Go and rent ‘Beautiful Boxer’.

  • BEE

    When I was in Thailand there was a sign on a corner store that said “Hair cut, Wax, Sex Change”

  • ...

    i don’t see how we can’t say gross to ppl like these but ppl who don’t have the hottest face or are a little bigger than normal we can say gross. i’m not against gay or transgender etc but it’s kinda hypocritical how we can’t say things like gross, or weird or jst ugly to these ppl but can to the rest of the world. they want equality, then comments like these are sure to come up. what difference does an ugly person, fat, transgenderd etc person have?

    plus these ppl look normal anyway. some i can tell are guys, but others no. heck some are prettier than real girls.

    • babyblue

      We shouldn't be saying "gross" to anyone, it's not right! If you have nothing nice to say, don't say it at all, that's what my mother always taught me.

  • Salma
  • tim

    They ARE ABOSOLUTY LOVLEY. if your her with negative comment. then why come to this great show. awsome pic ty VM

  • Jordan

    Most of these women probably began taking estrogen before puberty, so don't pretend you can tell the difference or belittle their accomplishment by calling them men. I'd like to see /you/ live a day in their lives.

    • Sarah

      They were born men, so they are men. It's not belittling to call them men when that's what they are. And as far as 'living a day in their lives' it's not like they were born as men dressing up as women. It's their choice, so don't try and make us feel bad for them.


    @Salma hnaahhahahahahh disgusting!
    @allthesefakewomen BLEGHH!!! DISGUSTING!

    Only attracted 2 REAL GURLSZ!

  • irenee!

    I've never heard about this event and I think it's absolutely awesome!
    Everybody is equal and has the same rights!
    Amazing 🙂

  • ERT

    @… I think that noone should be criticised, they should be tld their fault but not berated for those faults

    @th3H8r5 you are so close minded, they girls have as much right as anyone else to be whomever they want to be, within the bounds of morality/law.

  • name

    I am a straight man, and I would make consensual and passionate love to all of his fine lady's were the opportunity to arise. Tuck it and fuck it, that's my philosophy.

  • bill

    Oh well,different strokes for different folks.looks good to me.

  • PartyMarty

    Who said they're children?

  • Lambo

    So many retards commenting here…I’ve been to Thailand…ladyboys are very common there n not a big deal to them…however it’s not because they’ve been talkin estrogen their entire life that you can’t tell they’re men…it’s because they have surgeries…one of the surgeries they get is shaving their cheekbone gown to look more feminine…no I’ve never had sex with one

  • smoking crack fetish

    Very nice blog post. I definitely appreciate this site. Keep it up!

  • arne

    As a buy who goes to asia all the time I accept these people they are not freaks or weirdoes if you don't like their company leave them be. They are mostly nice people and got my respect for doing what they want and being who they want to be
    so narrow minded people grow up and learn that all people are not the same

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