Touching story with no words (12 photos)

a ear replacement little girl 0 Touching story with no words (12 photos)

I lied, here’s some words… I just want to give credit to the courageous young lady, Madison Shock, who was born with a deformed ear due to microtia, and the incredible man (and ex-CIA agent), Robert Barron, who crafter her perfect prosthetic ear

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  • SreyaNotfilc

    Thank GOD we have people like this man. Job well done ol’ chap!

  • I Get It

    That’s priceless. There’s a special place in heaven for men like him.

  • sab

    talents are gifts from God and a good example of a great talent indeed

  • dickbag

    This man is awesome and I have nothing but respect for what he did for this little girl… but the talent didnt come from god. It came from this mans heart.

    • word

      came from God

  • DAS

    dickbag is right. God is the idiot who messed up her ear.

  • Equalizer

    A very heart Warming Story. I hope they didn’t forget to put a hole for the earrings.

  • Slim

    That is freakin’ Awesome…..that little girls self esteem probably went through the roof. (not saying it was low or non-existant, but i’m sure it wasn’t as high as it is now) Awesome, is all i can say. Congrats to her, and Excellent Job Mr. Barron.

  • pundit

    I dont know Mr. Barron or his past deeds as a CIA Operative.

  • Emperor-Elect

    she will need a lot of visits..she is still growing..

  • MamaJ4

    This story honestly made me cry. My son has Microtia and this makes me hopeful for what he can some day have.

  • sugreev2001

    Stop giving credit to an imaginary entity,that just doesn't exist and you're suffering from a mental illness if you're educated and still believe in this bullshit.

    • Emma

      calm thyself

  • Teabag

    Like a boss.

  • Pedobear

    Oh, you meant a "touching story"…

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