Hot Right Now: Who’s heard of Jesse Heimans; the world’s greatest extra? (28 Photos)

WTF were these companies thinking? (15 Photos)

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wtf compainies lead WTF were these companies thinking? (15 Photos)

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  • dragonslayer22

    MEGA PUSSY!!!!!!!!!!!! lol wth were they thinking?😄

  • Lachlan

    We have Golden Gaytime ice cream here in aus, yes, I am ashamed of it, and the fact that the slogan is “It’s hard to have a Gaytime on your own…” Yeah… Not smart.

    • PistolHwhipped

      You're kidding yourself. It's pure genius!

  • robin yates

    why do american people have such a poor sense of humour ?

  • Kyle Dutton

    why does anyone who spells humor with a "u" in it think it entitles them to provide social commentary on a website that basically solely hosts pictures of babes, fails, wins, and douchebags. The web's a big place, go play somewhere else.

  • Oders

    A&K lick a chick is really close to my home town. theres an A&K lick a treat across the street.

  • rosalie

    if you look at the languages on the pussi ones. that means bag in finnish.

  • pussilover

    come visit Finland, we’ve got lots of pussi here🙂

    (pussi is bag in finnish)

  • inismor

    mmmh so… baglover?

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