That is…AWESOME -Part 3 (30 photos)

a totally awesome funny 10 That is...AWESOME  Part 3 (30 photos)

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  • Aman

    i dont get the horse in the hood…

  • John

    That first ass is the most perfect, gorgeous, and well formed rear end I’ve seen my whole life! Will someone tell her I love her?

  • Alex

    horse on the hood… HORSE on the hood… HORSE ON THE HOOD… EYEBALL!!! i’m either really tired or that was freckin hilarious

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  • dato' langkawi

    suck and lick the ass. smell shaneeeeeeeeeeeeee.

  • wow

    That ass is perhaps the most amazing thing I have ever seen. Please, somebody, who is that girl? Who, what, where, why, when?


    hot pictures…
    heiße bilder…

  • aldon

    Yep, the ass in the first is too amazing.

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  • DirtySchmirt420

    The asses in the pic with the “got ass” booty shorts are definately nicer than the first pic. case closed greasy bitches

  • at work

    yeah the first pic is amazing..

    who’s the girl in the i love ny pic?

    • Domanick Fabro

      asa akira

  • alexxxae

    the 1st pic is by far the best ass on the entire planet, hands down

  • mike

    this is the best post in chive history. chive guys you gotta track down the back story to those two girls jumpin off the balcony. . . gotta.

    • theothello43

      theyre probably dead.

  • johnny rotten

    this is the best post ive ever seen. #15 mmm the curves

  • BC37

    I kind of love the girl with the amp.

  • neXx

    – #1 moar moar moar of the stripes!!

  • sinsig

    #1 — nice wave

  • JlionA

    third picture down… that's just welcoming!

  • Seldi84

    #10 Best T-shirt ever? I think so.

  • trooperjoe

    That horse eye look like a clit?

  • J MO

    #1 and #3 are stupid amazing…

  • Dave

    #1 is my all time fav. She deserves her own dedicated post! NEED MOAR!

  • mortar

    81 mikemike with a sunken base plate, eleven charlie's doin work!!!

  • Rick

    #1 Looks like my buddies ex, Im sure I have seen it on her FB page. Blare Elise Martin. Aussie Chick

  • matt

    Cats in jars are NOT awesome. You're encouraging idiots to copy it or find this kind of lame crap funny. Last time you posted one of these you told me cats suck but took it down probably after complaints.. then you built a whole cat saturday album theme.. please guys.. nice site.. don't spoil it by celebrating stupid cruelty.cheers

  • Maria

    Yes the first picture shows an amazing ass, so many girls would want to look like that.

  • meestermeester

    The ass in the first picture is literally casting its own amazing shadow onto the girl’s leg. add a HEALTHY dose of side-boob and we have the greatest photo ever.

    I think the chive should do their public duty by telling us where they got this pic. im obsessed.

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