Ode to the corset (25 photos)

a love corsets hot 22 Ode to the corset (25 photos)

Our apologies to Uncoached.com. Someone emailed us all these photos and did not mention where they had gotten them. We assumed they had collected them on their own. We assumed wrong, they ripped all the pics from Uncoached. See the full badass gallery HERE

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  • Chris

    Selma and Keeley in the same spread….awesome.

  • aaron

    thank you shive that is going to make my day much better. Where did Marissa Miller come from here hotness exceeds that of human capabilities.

  • me

    Wow, so did you just blatantly rip off this article and almost all of the photos from uncoached.com?


  • robin yates

    corsets are not complete without a suspender belt and black stockings

  • youdummy

    thanks robin. dumbass.

  • smoky

    Uncoached shouldn’t have given you grief – most if not all were lifted from other sources anyway.

  • Always Last


  • http://thechive.com Leo

    @me: For the record, we didn’t blatantly rip all the pics from uncoached.com -someone emailed us all the pics and didn’t tell us where they had gotten the pics. See above. Thank you for pointing this out. We here at thechive assemble nearly all our posts from scratch and we hate when other sites, like masalatime.com rip our shit off.

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