I'm pretty sure these Kim Jong-il photos are 'shopped

kim first lead1 I'm pretty sure these Kim Jong il photos are 'shopped

By now, many of you have seen North Korea’s feeble attempt to photoshop their ‘Dear Leader’ into a series of North Korean military photos. North Korea has now leaked a new batch of photos that don’t quite prove Kim has fully recovered from his alleged stroke. (Chive Exclusive)

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  • Awesome Judge

    that IS awesome.

  • johnny5

    I still think Kim Jun is just a fictional villian…

    The media lies so much who knows, they are trying so hard to not mention the Electronic Cigarette

    which will change the world

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002594318306 Jeff Carter

      you don't think your really alive do you???

  • The giggler

    Hay Look! Kim Jong took his wifes`s stunners?
    He looks Fabulous?
    The top five reasons Kim Jong is so pissed off:
    (1) His dental plan sucks
    (2) He can`t get no women to sleep with him, because his wife gave him the nick name “inch high private eye”
    (3) He`s got hemroids, and the only reason i got a feeling on that? He`s not even a perfect asshole!
    (4)l even heard that his wife`s dick is bigger than his! What the fucks up wih that?
    (5) no matter what he does, he will still never be as tall as the mayor of munchkin city

    Kim Jong il Likes/Dislikes
    Likes:…. Pinky and the brain and try to take over the world
    Dislikes:. When eagles fly, then take a dump on his head
    Likes:…. to test nukes and threaten the U.S.A.
    Dislikes:. when Soldiers, Sailors, Marines! come over and shouve his words down his throat and use there G.I. boots to kick his ass.
    Likes:….Bleeding heart liberals kiss his ass
    Dislikes:. when i come over and have his wife suck my dick

    • Joe

      Are you an over exposed eight year old or just clynically retarded?

      Genuine question.

  • Nancy Sharp

    This man is a joke and always will be
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  • mike

    LOL… u kidding me? who would fuck that loser.

    e cigarette

  • E Cig

    Wow, hilarious photos.

    Your girl Mary 🙂

  • http://greenavis.com/ avis

    LoL. Great photos)))

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