Looney Toons go on killing spree courtesy of artist James Cauty (8 photos)

a james caughty looney toon Looney Toons go on killing spree courtesy of artist James Cauty (8 photos)

Check out more of James Cauty’s shockingly awesome work here.

Check out more of James Cauty’s shockingly awesome work here.

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  • SreyaNotfilc


  • LOL

    About damn time Coyote got the Road Runner! 😉

  • hugopalm

    This is so stupid I am shocked that someone would waste so much time making these. How childish can you get. What is the point? I hope he gets his pants sued off. If for nothing else for being so idiotic.

    • Anonymous

      Get the stick out of your ass and just relax.

    • Anonymous


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  • budee budinski

    the point, or at least one of the points, hugopalm, is that work like this draws out, and makes a distinction between, people like you who ‘don’t get it’ and those who do. the difference between the two often being that the latter do not wish to impose their view other than having the freedom to express it.

  • Zychr

    LOL got owned there XD


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  • anon

    Post 3. is retarded

  • romzburg

    Itchy and Scratchy already did it years ago. Fail. Epic fail.

  • snapplett


  • parwel

    I’m not sure why poster nr.3 is so upset? IF you really feel that the violent/bloody bit is so disturbing; run and complain to the companies that allowed these cartoons to be shown to our children.
    They are pretty damn violent as they are, tbh. Just watch Tom and Jerry, and analyze what they are doing, and what actually happens to the characters – then come back and defend it.
    Giving children the idea of immortality is nice and all, but it kind of sucks when they bash each others heads in with hammers thinking that nothing will happen to them :p

  • j

    hugopalm, how fecking thick are you anyway? this is art just like anything else.

    lol “parwel”, that actually did happen somewhere due to tom and jerry 😛

  • kristen

    holly … molly

  • THClown

    Totally wicked work! Its about time the good guys win!

  • Nynelly

    best new blog

  • I provide Damn lol page.

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  • Gusman

    ur fucking gay, how childish of you!! u don’t respect the guys art cause dam they are amaizingly detailed, and that i think is fine art bloody and gory but amazing. what was i going to say???? oh yeah fuck you! im gonna sue your pants off for being a bitch!

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