Creepiest abandoned non-asylum building ever (18 photos)

a reepiest abandoned building 15 Creepiest abandoned non asylum building ever (18 photos)

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  • LOL

    WHERE IN THE WORLD IS THIS?!? It is AWESOMELY creepy! I’d bet it was part of a labratory or theme park or maybe a school?!? Dang cool. Thanks!

  • hellooo

    WOW!! where is this??

  • Anonymous


  • Gill Avila

    Holy Shit!! Cthulhu has a mansion???

  • maribella

    i happen to think it looks quite cozy.(:

  • Jen says Russia, people. Right at the FRIGGIN TOP!

  • robin yates

    I think lots of drugs were taken whilst the sculptor/artist did their work,,,,,,,,,,

  • Ninja Steve

    This was on first.

  • hmmmm

    Ninja Steve ALL of the pictures on The chive were taken from other sites, its not surprising that you found these on another site

  • Tina

    Neverland Ranch?

  • Игорь

    Унылая совковая лепнина. Автору спасибо за труды.

  • bobs

    I don’t see where it says Russia… but i’ve seen these before and it is Russia. Probably abandoned after the Chernobyl incident.

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