Daily Afternoon Randomness 6.3.09 (20 Photos)

fire head funny Daily Afternoon Randomness 6.3.09 (20 Photos)

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  • sphincter boy

    Half Life just got 500 times badass-er

  • Anuttka

    красиво, сделал! Благодарю!!!

  • hell yeah

    I don’t get why we see two owls :s

    • http://asshole.com ASShole

      2 whoots…..

  • HeellaBig

    Интересно написано, я пробовал подобное делать ничего не вышло

  • Anonymous

    the first owl is a retard. i get it she’s retarted. lol.
    i like the last one with the game screenshot

  • orno man

    In St. Helens, Oregon, RETARDED HOT would be a 10, maybe an 11. For one thing, she would be the only woman in the whole town not wearing black Spandex pants and a huge, loose blouse with a lot of food and drink stains down the front of it.

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