Pay to waterboard your dog or cat in a pet washing machine (2 videos)

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dog washing machine 2 Pay to waterboard your dog or cat in a pet washing machine (2 videos)

PETA is gonna have a hay-day with this..For only $30,000 you can own the French made Dog-o-Matic pet washing machine / torture chamber. Or just pay $45/wash to have your dog or cat tortured and scarred for life -but at least you will be able to pry valuable information out of your newly clean pets, like where they hid your left shoe or find out if the hamster actually ran away.

Now watch this video to see a cat go apeshit:

  • Anonymous

    You people are sick. Put your butts in there and throw away the key

  • r rtjsetj

    all kinds of awesome.

  • Pets Pets Pets

    I wonder what happens when they try to get the pet in there the second time. I don’t think that’s going to work very well.

  • omnomnomnom

    cat do not want

  • SAL

    I hate the process of showering my dog but I would rather do that 10 TIMES MORE than to put my dog through this crap. I believe this is cruel and if you love your pet, you wouldn’t put them through this mess.

  • ruth

    LOL? does the guy say you could roast a pig in there if the the pet spa was big enough. i think he said that close to the end of the 1st vid

  • mirou

    it’s defently a bad idea

  • Girls We’d Love to Wake Up to. |

    […] Ok let’s change the subject from the elderly being badass to lazy people. We are getting lazier by the day. We have washing machines and dish washers, so why not have a pet washing machine? Seriously, someone created the “Pet Spa,” where for a price you can have your pet washed and tortured at the same time. Check it out if you don’t believe me. (TheChive) […]

  • ella

    I was watching the video and I noticed the E-stop button and I was like why is that there?

    Then I saw the machine turn on O_O

  • ???


  • vasilly

    The cat look like it was enjoying self. Was dancing to the reggae music.

  • Башкирия

    Хм… да, и в правду любопытный блог! Было необыкновенно интересно ценить про Тайланд. Компилятор этого блога, не обижайтесь, Ваш блог мне тоже понравился!🙂

  • vernsolo

    where is it the video precious?

  • Smoovious

    Video links missing

  • vasilly

    SAL must be English sland for “miniscule genitals”

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