World's sexiest motivational posters Part 2 (18 Photos)

lead sexy demotviate World's sexiest motivational posters Part 2 (18 Photos)

For the all you can eat buffet of demotivational posters, go to

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  • Dez!

    Alison Angel in “The Prinicpal”



    • Kamaru Kamar


  • cicciolo

    Who is the girl of “summer help” ??? O.o

  • Xafs

    Wow, i love it!

  • tiggert

    you guys know just how to make my day so much brighter

  • ian

    great list. but that is a pancake butt, not an “epic ass” – not even close.


    ohoh!! now thats some great motivation!!!!! nice collection!

  • hannah

    i love the summer help and the florida resident girls

  • Biff

    Anyone know the name of the “Summer Help” girl?

  • james

    Meh – good pics, except the epic ass is sorta flat.

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  • Abby

    ….oh my god that last one looks exactly like my boyfriend’s mom. o___o

  • Random

    Definitely went to high school with “twin Cups” girl…

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  • F-u

    HAHAHA!! Most of these girls aren't even hot! They just have boobs and a butt. Eh, I guess thaz what guys go for anymore.

    • TheTwo

      Yep. It kinda cheapens true beauty to treat them as incredibly hot when they're actually just average but with a convenient picture for a demotivational. Still, the more "hot" you see, the more you raise your standards for the rare "perfection."

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  • Guest006

    Summer Help girl is Renee Stage…

    • wkdfrog

      source material?

  • mr stiffy

    Florida resident and true love appeal to my sense of sexuality [boiiing]–down boy down.

  • HectorRC77

    HOT GAMER GIRLS are waitresses from the restaurant The Tilted Kilt.

  • Pauline Triage

    I'm guessing that whoever compiled these pictures spends a lot of time on "teenie" sites. The "epic ass" looks like it belongs to a 12-year-old.


      It's odd that you have the ass of a 12-year-old committed to memory.

  • Always Last


  • jackie

    epic ass is ashley tisdale

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