Beautifully creepy abandoned wooden home (14 photos)

abandoned russian wooden home 6 Beautifully creepy abandoned wooden home (14 photos)

Photos credit: Andrew Qzmn

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  • r rtjsetj

    A far cry from the mcmansions of today. very nice.

  • I Get It

    SO love this.

  • mollee

    When I die I want to haunt this place.

  • Tony

    Where in the heck is this?!!

  • Anonymous


  • Gores

    Wow now thats impressive

  • hellooo

    wow that is stunning 🙂

  • landslideclothing

    I think it’s haunted, that’s why they just left.

  • Verona Rat

    Where at in Russia? How do ppl find these awesome places and take pics. they should send a link about neato stuff like that. And yeah I’ll haunt it with ya, that place is awesome!

  • AmelyDesign

    Nice posts, Great pictures. Rgds.

  • jodie

    Im sure its really a beautiful house the days its no abandoned, u can see how artistic it is, I wish i can see the house the days its still called a home.

  • Reeh

    :0 its beautiful!

  • Anonymous

    i am sliding down the stairs on a mattress.

  • Bryan

    Am I the only one to notice that it’s two entirely different homes?

  • Ronnie

    i need to know where this is exactly

  • Karson

    Looks like the mansion Jay Gatsby owned.

  • Jenny C.

    BREATHTAKING!! I want to live in that house so bad!!!

  • hcomet21

    I noticed that it was two different houses. Whats up with that?!?!?!?! The top few pics have no trees around it and the other house is in the middle of da’ woods. Both homes are beautiful either way!!!!

  • ryan

    12-13th picture anyone nothice that it says G O D on the left side of the wall??? creepy

    • philip

      wow me sharp eyes you are good to see that ( i would love to see a film made with the house in it ) soo amazing house

    • Anonymous

      Well your eyes are tricking you because im sure some russian wasnt writing “god” in english….. cyrillic has the same letters as english with a completely different meaning and sound

  • mimi

    just like my dream house…but the ceilings are too low

  • DutchieLover

    eat mushrooms and walk around, play with some ghosts

  • NdP

    "fixer upper"

  • waltgator

    nice pad fo sho!

  • Rasputin

    Just think of the hysterical laughter that once rang through it's halls…………

  • Tony

    hold on guys i wanna go in the creepy scary looking house first!!! oh darn look i got to tie my shoe.. u go first and i'll catch up .. promise

  • Ronnie

    I agree I would love to know exactly where this house is so i can maybe one go see it

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