Daily Afternoon Randomness 6.5.09 (20 Photos)

horse thought awesome Daily Afternoon Randomness 6.5.09 (20 Photos)

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  • Max

    Wow! love the handstand pic.. (in mud?) where did that come from? I want to see more!

    • erica

      how is she not suffocating?!?!?!?!?

  • Andy S.

    Nice, you found the traffic cone monster. That was done in Raleigh, NC by a local artist, in case anybody’s curious.

  • SreyaNotfilc

    Can’t believe someone actually made a cake like that (or have a kid jump off of a huge stone).

  • robin yates

    all good but my favourite is the alligator pic

  • xclusive02

    A SHEEP going after a frisbee….. really?

  • bowhuntpa

    damn it jamal!!!!!

  • kikiklass

    I agree weddings are rather grim

  • onlyChange

    NO, NO, NO at the street barrel monster. Just NO. I ve met this guy who did this. Hes ok and all. The problem i have with it is my old boss decided to hire him as a publicity stunt to get better sales instead of reinstating out pay rates. just NO.

  • ThatTomKid

    LOLED so hard at number 17

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