WTF mate?! (28 photos)

a what the fuck wtf 17 WTF mate?! (28 photos)

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  • dp

    Was that a real suicide?

  • dp

    I’m on a cell so the image quality isn’t great. Someone help me out. Was that a dead dude hanging in that post?

  • JC

    It appears so, and if so, I may have just made my last visit here. I don’t come here to see that type of gross posting. I come here to laugh and escape from the ugliness of the world, not have it presented as some kind of sick entertainment. BAD CHOICE CHIVE!

  • AS

    Yes, that is a real suicide. I saw that on Space Ghetto a while ago. I hope that was a mistake, it was very unexpected to see it on here.

  • scott

    My feelings exactly… You can leave that kind of stuff out… I really hope that was a mistake…
    I don’t come to this site for that.

  • DigItSis

    My sentiments exactly. I like this site for the beautiful photography, some of it works of art and some just beautiful because it is ordinary – like the old people playing Wii. The WTF stuff is strange and sometimes gross in a stupid way but that suicide pictures was unexpected and not needed. I hope it was a mistake and not a sign of things to come for this site.

  • Leo


    Yes, that photo was a HUGE mistake and was not intended to be posted at all -it’s SICK. In fact, I published this post and I can honestly say I did not include that photo and I just saw it for the first time this morning. I can only hope no one hacked our site and posted that photo without our knowledge.
    Either way, the photo is removed. Thank you all so much for your concern and please accept our sincerest apologies. The Chive is all about fun and ALMOST crossing the line 🙂 Please feel confident about coming back in the future and having a good laugh.

    Always be happy!

  • JC

    Thank you for the removal and feedback Leo. It surely seemed out of character and I am definitely glad to know it was not a sign of things to come. Keep up the good work and keep out the ugliness! Peace.

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  • Aerp,ax

    The sign with the food/etc and the fines is OOOOLLLLDDDD

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  • SGT S

    I'm begging and pleading from Iraq. please find the amputee chick. I know it sounds weird but she is hot. I work communications and if you find her for me i will set every non secure computer where I'm at with THECHIVE as there homepage. thanks SGT S.

  • cassandra


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