Never seen before Photobombs (23 photos)

a funny photo bombers 6 10 09 22 Never seen before Photobombs (23 photos)

We need your bombs. Send all embarrassingly awesome ORIGINAL photobombs to thechivesubmit[at]gmail[dot]com.

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  • abilities651

    photobombin is the best hobby ever

  • hey

    Dag, the pic with the girls in pink and green skirts…

    The one in pink has a gorgeous ass…

  • tracy

    These are NOT never seen before, I’ve seen half of them on

  • boneman

    OK, I
    #1 Understand the gal at McD’s. Geez…some folk are just way too happy to be believed…
    #2 Don’t understand is that’s a guy or gal getting flipped (really tough to tel, eh?)
    #3 Not really sure why some folk AIM their bird flips. I mean…that’s some serious aiming there, eh?

  • bonersoup

    # 20 or whatever the one is with the fag working at McDonalds. I know that guy and hes a total fuckoff! he should die for real, he's one of the worst people i have ever met.

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