The Chive contruction update

web boner funny The Chive contruction update
Hi Chivers!
The Chive will be rolling out our final site redesign sometime tomorrow. Thanks for bearing with us. In the meantime, if you don’t yet see lights in the buildings on our backdrop, CLEAR YOUR CACHE and they should show up. More to come…

Chive On!

-Leo and John

  • TM22

    Whoa….sweet! New site is lookin’ amazing.

  • TM22

    Except I think it would be more logical to have the month’s (or week’s) most popular posts at the very top of the page in that flash thing.

  • TM22

    God damnit. Nvm. I didn’t notice it on the right, hah.

  • Viewer

    ummmmmm…. why does the construction worker have a massive erection?

  • John

    Just to give everybody a heads-up. We will be putting lights in the buildings and unveiling the new header shortly. The top scroll will eventually be random posts, possibly the most popular, it’s a coin toss at this point. Lots of stuff to work out and we’re doing it on the fly because careful planning is boring.

  • Gogo

    I like the new design 🙂

  • J

    I miss the old layout 😦

  • LOL

    I don’t hate it. I LOVE the search box! That’ll make finding things SO much easier! Thank you thank you thank you! Chive on!

  • MainTech

    What I really don’t like: Why are photos in landscape format always smaller? Sure, it looks better on the site, but this is really distracting! It would be better if i could open the Photos in a separate window… Please !? This is a Photo-Blog, so i want to see some LARGE photos!

  • Simon Wells

    The new site is growing on me . . .
    I do really like the old as it was simple, clean an easy to use.

    Initially, this design looked fussy and detracted from the content, the background is cool with the lights, but doesn’t serve any function.

    Glad you got the Featurific working, I had no luck on my site.

    Did I miss something with the search box? It does nothing special for me using Flock.

    Will let it grow some more, good work fellas

  • GBallew

    I gotta ask…your construction dude…is he poppin a woody??

  • robin yates

    surely all construction workers sport erections at the drop of a hat ?

  • Greg

    great job…… now fix your I Phone app!!!!

  • boneman

    Duh…He was looking at the world’s tallest model, and she’s a real looker! (brings the best out in a man, eh?)

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