Warped Cartoon Optimism by David Chung (25 Photos)

great cartoon art Warped Cartoon Optimism by David Chung (25 Photos)
Wolf-man Inadvertently Crosses the Line (When He Peed on Unborn Babies). Best title ever, perhaps?

Dave Chung’s work portrays the similarities we all deal with when it comes to dealing with our emotions, no matter where we’re from or how different we may be on the outside. Although his subjects generally deal with humiliation or some other type of anguish, they are generally shown in a lighthearted and humorous way that suggests that we have all been down that road before. Chung’s work has been featured all over the globe and we’re happy he’s allowed us to host him on The Chive. Visit the crap out of his site and see all his work here.

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