Metal monsters (15 photos)

a steal monster villain 9 Metal monsters (15 photos)

We were unable to find the artist behind these masterpieces. If you know who the sculptor is, please email us at thechiverules[at]gmail[dot]com so we can give credit and link to the artist’s site.

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  • observer

    there’s one of those predator sculptures in the mall in southampton uk however there’s no plaque to say the artist or details etc. little weird though since its looking out the window of a costa coffee :S and the surrounding balconies have mannequins from orange looking down on you

  • Anonymous

    😀 want them all

  • wengus

    there is a shop on the island of Koh Phangan in Thailand that sells these.

    Full size predators and aliens from the alien movies, Bobba Fetts, spidermans, mini gundams, r2d2 corner tables. a whole lot of stuff.

    no photos allowed of the shop or models, and no website. if you buy in store they deliver internationally. very cool shop

  • P-90

    Halfway down I was thinking ‘Wow Stargate, a Predator, all they need now is a Marvel character and I’d be in geek heaven’ and then Spider-Man, sweeeeet!!!!.

  • hemant

    I saw all of that in kala ghoda art festival 2011 in mumbai.

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