More awkward family portraits (25 photos)

a awkward family photos 5 20 More awkward family portraits (25 photos)

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  • Sashkka

    прочитал с большим интересом — очень очень понравилось

  • simonwells

    Errr, rather scary some of those.

  • Kim Randall

    LOL LOL LOL Is all I can say!

  • xclusive02

    The top picture… all I can think of ” Is Wayne Brady gonna have to choke a bitch”

  • xclusive02

    Is that a Kim Jong Ill family photo in the middle?

  • Rockstar Sid


    Some are Geeky and nerdy 😀 Awesome collection as always.

  • Bob

    I’m a Fuckin Douchebag.

  • giorgos

    bob’s daughter is hot

  • Anonymous

    strange people lol

  • psycho_freak

    Bob’s daughter is yummy..!!

  • Diggers

    Pic #7 is one hot MILF

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