Weekend randomness 6.13.09 (40 photos)

a random funny sd 5 Weekend randomness 6.13.09 (40 photos)

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  • el jerry

    The chive theme is so awesome

  • el jerry

    and the header looks like the header of holytaco but this is better haha,

  • Godpiou

    Maybe the name should be “Weekend randomness 6-13-2009” (i.e. change the number 5 for a 6) ?

    Ciao & thank’s for putting smile in my face everyday !


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  • Equalizer

    I need to get that Hamster for my car engine..

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  • dave

    the dolphin pic is sad, they make it jump for it's food so it can see freedom.

  • LOL

    I’m tellin’ ya…these boys are dabbling in time travel…LOL John was still in May last week, and now Leo is too! LOL

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