Not your mother's load. This is extreme ironing (15 Photos)

extreme ironing lead Not your mother's load. This is extreme ironing (15 Photos)

For more ironing check out bezbridge.

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  • M

    Ha Ha Ha….

    Good Job!

  • omnomnomnom

    these aren’t your mom’s loads, these are TURBOLOADS

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  • Ace

    All i wonder is …. why???

  • mynameisfish

    The ice one is fake.

  • Doug
  • Steamfunk

    Does underwater ironing really work? surely it's a bit counterproductive :p if you think you know how to iron a shirt, why not enter the World Ironing Championships?!

  • SAM

    OMG the first image is just hilarious, be careful though if you drop the iron I don't think it would be covered in the manufacturers guarantee:)

  • Amanda Thompson

    the thing that surprises me about all of these photos is that they are all men, I didn't even realize that was legal 😉

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