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cheating husband sign Photo of the Day

Thanks for the photo, Amanda. Photo taken somewhere in surburbia, Alexandria Virginia. Hope he enjoyed his ‘business trip’.

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  • Equalizer

    Linnie became an instant Internet Celebrity…

  • Sue

    Sounds like he was hitting on one of his neighbors too.

  • Nate_karr

    linnie is awesome

  • Anon


  • Stu Pidasso

    Amanda is a 220 pound hag that let herself go three weeks after the wedding. Don’t stop at two Linnie! Shag the planet!

    • avery

      I can definitely tell what kind of male YOU are. I seriously hope you are not involved with anyone b/c im pretty sure she’s miserable. You are a complete tool.

  • TryGDIDotCom

    Can you say “Busted?!”

  • raven

    This asshole got exactly what he deserves. Anyone applauding his cheating is most likely nothing more than a triflin cheater themselves. Regardless of whether or not she LET herself go like some asshole stated above.. that still doesn’t condone his blatant disregard for HER feelings. As far as the WOMAN blaming the wife.. I hope YOUR husband cheats on YOUR stupid ass. Then maybe you’ll understand that what she did was absilutely RIGHT… dumbass.

  • alex

    @Neighbor…Why should she keep her business in her house? Why not allow others to know that she is living with an inconsiderate jackass? If he didnt have any respect or regard for HER i sure as hell don’t think HE deserve ANY amount of consideration. Oh and btw.. i totally disagree with your assesment about HER looking like a fool … infact HE looks like the fool. The only idiots who think he’s somehow COOL for disrespecting his wife are morons who are probably cheating on their wives as we speak. Oh and BTW .. im a GUY.

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