Hot Right Now: The truth and nothing but the truth (45 Photos)

Daily Afternoon Randomness 6.18.09 (20 Photos)

fat add courtesy Daily Afternoon Randomness 6.18.09 (20 Photos)

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  • Alex

    Hell yeah number 14 is DeadMous5…Seeing him in November

    • parrislove

      where at?

  • dirtroadhog

    wow. my brothers and i had those very same potato guns when we were kids. and while we were running around shooting little bits of tater at each other, we could always bite off a chunk of our ammo if we got the munchies! aah, man, im tellin u, we were allowed to be kids then… ev…

  • WABA

    Deadmau5 I was going to see him in Vancouver but couldn’t get into the free show. 😦

  • Rawrbies

    I love the second one. Made me lol.

  • Billy


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