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Snowglobes straight out of the Twilight Zone (25 photos)

a snowglobe murder martin munoz 24 Snowglobes straight out of the Twilight Zone (25 photos)

These creepy/awesome snowglobes are the brainchild of Walter Martin & Paloma Munoz. They do a beautiful job of portraying lost travelers at night at the mercy of the elements and opportunistic creatures and villains. Check out more of their amazing work HERE
b snowglobe murder martin munoz 1 Snowglobes straight out of the Twilight Zone (25 photos)
c snowglobe murder martin munoz 13 Snowglobes straight out of the Twilight Zone (25 photos)
UPDATE: The artists’ representation, P.P.O.W. asked us to remove the majority of the gallery because they did not want free exposure to the art work. But we still encourage you to check out their portfolio HERE.

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  • LOL

    Creepy cool awesome!

  • Anonymous

    What about changing the heading to (3 Photos) then, instead of stating that there are 25 photos in this link?

  • latallal

    These are really great.

  • rudeboi

    I went over to the web site and it’s nothing, you would think these dicks would appreciate the exposure.

  • Rusty

    Well, these are pretty cool. Too bad the artists and / or their representation are such a pack of douchebags. You’d think that free advertisement and endorsement on one of the most popular websites in America would be a good thing. At the least it’d be a validation of the desireability of your art.

    Walter Martin, Paloma Munoz: I hereby declare you to be douchebags.

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