• GBallew

    What is that…is he having a seizure??

  • wut?

    lol, “imma gonna go check my har……turn it louder”

    wut song is that btw?

  • Dan

    the song is called ‘pretty green eyes’ by ultrabeat

  • Mak

    Only made a half-minute; I’d rather watch 2 Girls, One Cup

  • Adam

    oh my f*cking god….does he really exist?

  • Manny

    Man… he looks like such a douchbag…

  • Greg A.

    you did not need to wait until the 1:15 mark for douchebaggery, it was there from the very first second

  • k

    Am I the only one who got that he was pretending to be a guido…as a joke?

  • Awesome Judge

    @K No, no. He may have been “pretending” but that takes a lot of practice which means hanging out with fellow douchebags and fist pumping the Jersey Shore night away..

  • gary

    good lord

  • peepshowmopguy

    This guy has the thrusting stamina of a 12 year old…

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  • yo

    what a douchebag

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