Daily morning randomness 6.26.09 (29 photos)

a morning random funny pics 5r 16 Daily morning randomness 6.26.09 (29 photos)

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  • xclusive02

    just picking up comments here. photoblog was average

  • DutchieLover

    I don’t care what the fool has done. You don’t fuck with a man’s automobile. PERIOD. it is the most cowardly thing to do cuz it’s to easy and the smallest offense can cost thousands. If you have a problem, say it to their face. And yes, it has happened to me.

  • Jesskw

    The vet checked my Little Joy this moinnrg and the good news is that she is NOT pregnant! She is just a little sucker!!! So the weaning ring went back in and will stay in .who knows how long. She also confirmed that Josie won’t calve until Oct!!! So we now have a lot longer to wait.

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